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We left our 20+ year careers in law enforcement and took our amazing

side gig to another level and suddenly we are FREE! 

No Boss, work from anywhere, travel and choose who we work with!

What We Lost

Vacation Leave

Now we take a vacation when we want, where we want and on our own terms. No need to submit a leave claim or ask permission.

Appointment Time

We schedule our days and leave room for those moments when we need to take parents to medical appointments or our daughter to her orthodontist.

The Commute

O.M.G. The commute! Now we work where we want to - from our home office, coffee shops, the beach, the airport, or our favourite place - our back deck.

The Stress

Our policing careers left us with PTSD, anxiety and stress, but more importantly... it left us with an overwhelming desire for a very different life.

We left our careers behind to

Live Life

on our own terms

If you are feeling

trapped in your

existing career

know there is another way

The Way Forward


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Retired Sergeant, RCMP

Co-Founder TeamOwnYourLife

Online Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Residual Income Expert




Retired Intel. Analyst, RCMP

Co-Founder TeamOwnYourLife

Online Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Residual Income Expert

Why wait any longer to make a change?


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“This couple is a dynamite couple who are on a mission to help others experience a fulfilled life. They always offer great tips and advice."

Testimonial - Juanita Shay

Juanita Shay

Internet Entrepreneur

"If you need help creating a life of YOUR design, then these are the people you need to help you create that vision."

Testimonial - Kathy Tank

Kathy Tank

Kathy Tank Lifestyle

“Own Your Life with this power team. You can do this! It's rare to find someone that works so hard to see other people succeed. You will not regret joining this Team."

Testimonial - Angela Korte

Angela Korte 

Lifestyle Coach

“What an incredible couple! You are in good hands with Ken and Joelle if your goal is to shift gears and transform your life!!"

Testimonial - Judy Langmuir

Judy Langmuir 

CEO of Balanced

Ken and Joelle are passionate players in this game of life! They know how to truly live and they are inspired to guide others to do the same! What a gift!"

Testimonial - Barbilee Hemmings

Barbilee Hemmings

CEO of Best Breakfast Ever

“Ken and Joelle have an amazing energy and a heart of service. I love working with them."

Testimonial - Hadass Eviatar

Hadass Eviatar

CEO of Energy Queens